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Moon Shine

Get your inner glow on with gently flowing Moon Salutations.

Down to Earth
Let go of the day's tension with this floor-based class.
Open Season
Rid tension and support the body's cleansing process with this springtime sequence.
Root down to stay strong no matter what comes your way.
Standing Hip-Openers
Feel your energy flow with this sequence by Baron Baptiste.
Sun Salutation: Surya Namaskar B
Try this popular version of the famous yoga sequence.
Salute the Sun, modified
Watch a gentler modification of Surya Namaskar.
Seated and Floor-Based Flow
Move energy through your hips and lower body in this floor-based sequence.
Standing and Backbending Sequence
This sequence will open the hips and low back, and move energy throughout your body.
Standing Vinyasa Flow
This flowing sequence will help ignite a downward flow of energy through the lower body.
Hip Openers and Twists
This sequence will help open the hips and low back.
Hip Release
This sequence by Rebecca Urban will relieve tension around your hips.
Fun Flow Practice
Get warm and energized with this dynamic vinyasa flow sequence by Elise Lorimer.
Work deeply into your hips and legs as you move toward Monkey Pose.
Tension Release Practice
Unwind from your day with this sequence by Elise Lorimer.
Wheel Pose
Take the steps leading to Urdhva Dhanurasana with this sequence by Jason Crandell.
Vishnu's Repose
Find inner poise in Anantasana, a pose dedicated to the deity said to preserve and sustain the universe.
Hip Enough?
Release negative emotions and improve your alignment by opening your hips.
Summer Break
This energizing sequence will help you tone and strengthen your entire body.
Revolved Triangle Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Parivrtta Trikonasana.
Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Upavista Konasana.
Bound Angle Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Baddha Konasana.
Easy Pose with Twist
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Sukhasana.
Gentle Flow
Keep your energy up this holiday season with a easy, revitalizing sequence by Kathryn Budig.
Deep Hip Openers
Gain flexibility and greater comfort in your hips with Jason Crandell.
Standing Poses
Build a strong foundation for your entire asana practice with this sequence by Jason Crandell.
Forward-Bending Sequence
This sequence of forward bends by Jason Crandell will create openness in the back of the legs.
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