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Bound Angle Pose

Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Baddha Konasana.

MC August 2012 HP
Laid Back
Learn to relax and recline into Vishnus Pose.
Supported Sukhasana
Learn how to use props for meditating in Easy Pose.
Nadi Shodhana
Practice alternate nostril breathing to bring your energy into balance.
Back in Action
Open up with a revitalizing sequence that strengthens the back body.
Down to Earth
Let go of the day's tension with this floor-based class.
Open Season
Rid tension and support the body's cleansing process with this springtime sequence.
Easy Pose
Sukhasana encourages a relaxed but alert state of mind.
Half Lord of the Fishes Pose
Stay present in this feel-good twist to glean the full benefit.
Sitting Pretty
Prepare your body for meditation with this slow flow from Baron Baptiste.
Get Into Your Groove
Get grounded as you move through this chakra-aligning practice.
Seated and Floor-Based Flow
Move energy through your hips and lower body in this floor-based sequence.
Chest-Opening Wave Breath
A gentle shoulder exercise to improve posture in your upper back.
Shoulder-Opening Sequence
Release tension in the neck and shoulders with this gentle seated practice by Kate Holcombe.
Easy Pose with Twist
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Sukhasana.
Marichyasana III
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Marichyasana III.
Head-of-the-Knee Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Janu Sirsasana.
Shoulder Openers
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of this 4-part shoulder-opening series.
Full Boat Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Paripurna Navasana.
Hero Pose
Watch a 360-degree video demonstration of Virasana.
Twist and Detox
Give your digestive system a natural boost with this twisting, detoxifying practice by Kathryn Budig.
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