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This is so powerful and people who chant and mediditate can find inner peace and joy. It transport u to another plain


I experienced my first "om" chant today in a yoga class I attended. I never quite understood the power that this chant had until it was exhaled by every person in the room. It made my brain vibrate and I felt at peace. It was an amazing feeling, and I can't wait to practice it in my next class!

Ankita Shah

Hi Uma,

I have had the same experience as you have. Also sometimes when a class full of 50 people does Om chanting together it even resembles the sound of a plane passing overhead. I know that as a fact because planes pass frequently here and you can compare the sound. The mantra really has a lot of power and if you sit with eyes closed after chanting, you feel amazing stillness and can still feel the vibrations around and inside you.

Niranjan Prabhu

@Karin: Its Om Tat Sat which mean Om That is the Truth

Uma Shedde

Has anyone experienced the following: there appears a luminous white spot in front of my closed eyes while i chant om. It changes to black sometimes but mostly stays white and remains there till chanting ends. Also, it occurs only when om has been correctly chanted- meaning, lips need to be puckered the way we do to blow the candle...the voice has to be clear and audible and the mmmm has to be equal length of time as o. And another one is that this kind of chanting produces gentle vibrations around mouth, neck and chest! Would anyone want to share their experience of om chanting?

Sanjay Thakur dehradun

Nice article describe something more about the oum sound.


When finishing a yoga session we say omstad what does that mean?


My very best friend from India, Sumitra, says everything is divine and holy and recited OM every morning when arising, after swam in the pool for 30 minutes and sang afterwards to the devine. This she did 96 years of her life! I love her dearly--and feel her spirit with me always!! particularly when I speak of her! Thankyou for this explanationxxoo


i am an Indian and chanting om since my childhood but never had such beautiful explanation from my elders...



I read recently that "it has long been observed chanting Aum repeatedly will transform a householder (homeowner) into a sanyasi (one who has renounced the world) or a beggar".

I don't know if this is true - although I should point out it was written by someone who does seem "in the know" - but I have little doubt that, potentialy at least, all mantras and/or other profound meditative exercises can be dangerous, precisely because of their power.

When I say "dangerous", I mean they could affect people in ways these people may not necessarily consider beneficial for themselves. I am sure being "unattached" to wealth, for example, is a good thing. But I doubt very many people who are chanting AUM do so with the purpose of becoming free by destitution.
You know what I mean? ;)

Any comments, please?

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