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We lost our oldest son to a shooting during an attempted robbery. This artilcle has helped me identify some of my disconnect. I am numb and angry at the same time. Furious over those life things I will never do with this son. Yes, getting out of the bed is extremely hard. At this point we dont want to see people, they remind us he's not here with you.
Thank GOD for my yoga community. They are holding me up during this time. They are waiting for me to accept their wisdom. Restorative practices, meditation, massage, and just their presence. I need each and everyone of them.
But also realizing that acceptance of this situation is necessary so we can begin the process.
I am a Christian. But the wind has been knocked out of my sail. I prayed a lil bit. I asked the GOD of my universe to give me a double portion of grace - to cover me when I miss it. To love me when I dont feel like HE's loving me.
I will continue to come back to this article.
Bless you and the families that have shared.


Thank you for this post. I have a blog on dealing with grief and I included some of this helpful information.

Please visit if you are looking for help or inspiration


Thankyou for the comforming article. I do chanting, yoga, massage and stay very close to my friends since my only dearest brother took his life after sufferring 2 years of very severe depresssion.
I do everything to heal and use my life in order to work for people who go through the same. i want my brothers experience to have a very profund meaning for humanity and accept that he has accomplished his task on this earth and i am the one who going to take action on his behalf with him always by my sideand heart.
Nam myoho renge kyo
Thank you


This article is so timely and important for me, I have struggled with a loss of a loved one for many years...I am a little embarrassed to say that it has been since 1995. I am okay at times and I am able to live a (basically) normal life. I do my breathing and meditations which have helped me enormously. I try to stay connected with people and keep busy with my art work. I also realize that "attachments' can be so ingrained in our culture that it is difficult to rise above. I am still working on that and probably will do so until the end of my life. Intellectually, I realize all the helpful things to understand and to do to deal with loss, it is the emotional void that at times can (still) be overwhelming.


i'm reading these articles about grief and loss and breath and heart opening and the side bar shows a smirking inappropriate.does this ad just fall mindlessly on every page no matter the content?

Shelley kidby

Embracing the grief after the combined loss of both parents, between March and April of this year, allowed extensive healing and growth in my spirit . Now, the practice of focus, with breathing and diet, are allowing yet another level to emerge. Finding these articles on the internet will be very helpful.


I found out yesterday that I had a miscarriage, on nearly the one year anniversary of my daughter's stillbirth. Today the link to this article was in my inbox. Thank you for helping people in their time of need.


A lovely and graceful article....very generous...

Unfolding the body creates room for the heart and silences the mind chatter that keeps emotions from moving through us.
Yoga has been my lifeline to staying present and asking myself the important question in catastrophic circumstances...

"How big do I need to let myself be to feel such a large feeling?"

"What if I could let myself get a little bigger, instead of collapsing and shutting down?"
"How do I find room inside myself, room enough for such a great emotion?"...
Yoga has kept me breathing through the pneumonias that followed two family deaths....

And my gentle TragerŪ practice keeps the movement of grace moving me into the present instead of shutting down.

aloha, Virginia


this is a very insightful and useful article. a loss that produces grief is not restricted to only death of a loved one;it applies to certain losses we can be afflicted by within ourselves. the information in this article is extremely beneficial for repairing those voids as well.


I perfectly agree with this article. I am practicing yoga, since I lost my father unknowing to its' effects on healing grief. But it indeed helped me go through it, making mr deeply understand that I am part of my father, so he is still leaving within my soul. With every asana and breath, it gets easier for me to understand, soul never dies.

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