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Excellent article and highly value ideas about approaches the challenges in relationships: with a partner, a child, a parent or even in the work place.

However, I wonder about two things:

1. Why is the article written as if the "other" person (the one not engaged in spiritual development or yoga) is always a man?

2. Does their become a time in these situations when it is acceptable to say: I do accept that person just as they are; and how they are is just fine: they are happy, productive, contributing and they enjoy life. However, as I have grown to accept them and shed the desire to change them, they have ceased to be very interesting to me. I find myself perfectly content to let themselves go their way and I go mine and that feels correct and satisfying.

In the case of 2. above, what does one do when we arrive at that place with a spouse, sibling, parent, child or old friend? What is the next step?

ntathu allen

Thank you..such a moving piece. Reminds me so much that only person we can truly change is ourself...what power we have to embrace others is as you say a true reflection of our practice. On the other hand I feel our practice also gives us the strength to end a relationship and know that we wil be ok and life carries on.

J. Kaczynski

I had no clue life would lead down this path. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, soul is your main driving force. If that is not right, nothing makes sense. Patience, albeit a great asset, can also keep you from achieving goals. What happened to love? I don't see it anyplace and that defies my sensibilities.

Darshpreet Kaur

wonderfullllllllllllllllllllllllllllll n so enlightening

Rashmi Bhatia

Thank you for the profound piece of knowledge. I am saving this for constant reference

lila r.y.t.

thank you for publishing this article! i realized after reading this that i have been using my practice to create a comfortable distance between my husband and me. i understand that i am looking in the mirror when i begin to see things in him that bother me. practicing self-acceptance on a more radical level has made my relationship with myself more fulfilling and thus allowing me the skills to become more intimate with him. thank you for clarifiying an issue that has plagued me for years.


a very good article, yoga has help me a lot spiritualy,physicaly,mentaly,always accept yourself as you are,but you can't change no one, i think a lot of women relate to this article


Great Article. I've found that the more i focus on what's different, the greater it becomes and the more disconnected i feel with my partner. lately i've become cranky and bossy and just won't shut up - i think i've neglected my practice in efforts to be more like the "norm" where i live and it's obviously not working, back to the mat and the cushion i will go.
Om Shanti.

veena grove R.Y.T.

I agree with this view hundered percent.I practiced yoga in India during my childhood,then i got busy with family & many times felt lost,Yoga practice,different Asanas & Breathing started relxing me & my husband,who is general surgeon was not fullu supporting me & i stayed persistent with my practice.
Little by little,shae saw me rooted in my yoga practice & started attending my classes.He has been regularly attending my classes for the last two years.Yoga Is more spirtual than physical execise.We have to connect inward & engage our core to move & use our heart to open.Constant dedication & practice encourage us to peaceful warrior.Bleesings. Namaste. Veena.

Leslianne Premdipika

A wonderful article with stories for us to relate to and/or share, and very useful pieces of wisdom to embrace. A good reminder about acceptance not only of another but of ourselves and where we are in our spiritual development (ie, not judging ourselves for past choices). Thank you much!

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