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I do Yoga, but inconsistently..and it is Hatha Style that I do. But I must share that I have experienced at times the same sort of feelings such as extreme joy and interconnectedness to everything..deep gratitude for being, that I have tears of joy..this all happens spontaneously and for no apparent reason...kind of similar to what has been described as happening during awakening of the kundalini.


And how anyone in their right mind would go after something calling itself "serpent" is beyond me.

God tells you - don't go there.


words are tough, eh?


I completely agree with you, Eric. I am a woman, and still I find the overuse of the feminine in contemporary English speech annoyingly unnecessary, often comical, and, in a field overpopulated by women, such as is the case of "yoga" (as opposed to capital letter Yoga), a bit self-indulgent.


I've been practicing kundalini yoga for a few years and have experienced some cathartic moments but nothing severe or traumatic. Maybe because my entire life deals with awakening my higher consiousness and trying to get others to do so. I believe connecting with our higher selves is the only hope for humanity. For many it may be the very reason we came into this existence. Kundalini yoga coupled with an organic and fluoride free diet can help us remember who we are.


I practice Sidhis from Transcendental Meditation and as a result I also experience the rising of Kundalini on a regular basis. It is not objectionable at all. However, the practice itself was not learned in a vacuum, nor was it practiced solo. Practitioners learn the Sidhis through carefully supervised training with other adherents of TM. The course takes several months and is under constant oversight by trained teachers. As a result, I and the many who have learned the technique can experience the full expression of Kundalini power in my regular daily sidhis program. For more information, you can always go to the TM website at Jai Guru Dev

William James

The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook.


I agree with Eric. Articles that are sensitive to men who practice Yoga is a good idea.....inclusiveness.

chloe v

i believe i had a random kundalini awakening. I was taking a shower and suddenly i felt this wonderful feeling coming up through my body but once it got to my throat and third eye i felt nauseous and had to get out of the shower to sit down. I hadn't even been trying for anything to happen, it just did.. and it was really scary.


Hi Eric, I was inspired by a male friend to try yoga!
He has been practicing for many years and suggested I try this for my knee injury... I have experienced a greater inspiration and seek to know the spiritual aspects of knowing this wonderful unversal energy we have. I have chosen to introduce this to my son's who are under 10 years of age. I encourage them and inspire them to find this in all their youthful experiences. So far they believe the force of star wars and tai kwon do are also forms of this yoga energy!

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