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Eric Mackow

Just recently, I was awakened. I cried for 3 weeks. Only because, I still haven't found anyone, to openly discuss with. During my awakening I was instructed to reference the Bhagavad Gita. Which is the only, spiritual text, that describes word for word, the conversation I had with Krsna (God). After experiencing this, I strongly believe that Kuhndalini should not be practiced, unless you have strong faith in Krsna, or God. (whatever name you identify, the believe in one creator) The strong faith, will be the purifying factor after awakening. After someone shares there awkening, an gaze into there eyes will tell if the experience was positive, or slightly frightening. Something of a pupil analysis. The eyes tell all. There are millions, for one to possibly get sidetracked with, during meditation. Your cell phone to the galaxy is always waiting to answered, though by who? Hopefully Krsna. I strongly feel the Bhagavad Gita should be taught, hand, in hand with Yoga. The Bhagavad Gita is Yoga. The absolute truth is amazing.


I realize that the majority of people in this country that practice yoga are woman.I see it here this article and sooo many others that the person writing is female and talking only to females. As a teacher of yoga myself and a male. Please talk a manner that is uni sexual.
Sorry to comment off subject but it gets old.

Yogi Laurie

I think that it depends on how you practice Yoga. As we know Yoga isn't a religion and it depends on which spiritual practice you bring to your yoga that determines how you 'release' stored energy. As a Christian Yogi, while the physical practice is identical, the way in which I ask the Holy Spirit to release and for Christ to replace that space is what differs.

Kumar Malde

However, according to Kempton and Stuart Sovatsky, a psychotherapist specializing in spiritual work, kundalini awakenings are rare in Western students because hatha yoga is practiced in a less spontaneous way today. "People are trying to hold the poses in a certain way, as opposed to doing poses that release energy blocks specific to their body," says Sovatsky.

The above is quoted from your article. It assumes that HATHA YOGA is necessary for Kundalini awakening. We follow Samarpan Meditation and most followers have experienced awakening simply by reciting a MANTRA. For more information please visit

Susan Wanmer

Thanks for this timely article. My new yoga teacher trainees have just completed their first history and philosophy weekend module last weekend and this debate and enquiry was exactly the discussion we had! The understanding I have after 20 years is that traditionally, this type of energy release was done in a secure environment, with a clean body, calm nervous system and surrounded and supported by others. Interestingly, in the christian and certainly other spiritual traditions, similar energy releases were experienced - once again in a secure environment like a monastery and using fasting and herbs combined with meditations and chanting. I encouraged my students to seek what has been done traditionally as the human mind and body hasn't changed so much as to not need balance before going deeper within. Thanks YJ for your excellant resource materials, which encourage and caution where appropriate.
Susan Wanmer Yoga, Brisbane AUSTRALIA

siri. khalsa

A lot of thease so called certified kundalini 3ho instructors know how to coil the. Serpant energy up the spine.but are not capable grounding it.a lot original practitioners are part of a cult and don't know how to live in the world.they view themselves as the pure.they donot generally practice what they teach and that is how their teacher yogi bajhan lived.he said do what I say don't do what I do. This practice derived from a cult.


I experienced an organic kundalini awakening after my second hatha yoga class, having never practiced yoga or anything similar before. My world was turned upside down - emotionally and physically. I couldn't sleep, my sense of taste was altered, I was not hungry, my libido reawakened, I could not concentrate. It was exhilerating, exciting and frightening. The intense craziness lasted for about 2 weeks and ended with a major crash. I felt exhaused and bewildered for several days. Balance began to come back into my life through journaling, studying books about yoga, and practicing daily. During the past few months, I have regained my sense of balance, but still occasionally have extreme "highs" that throw me off kilter for a day or so, followed by a quick low. Now that I recognize what is happening, I am able to deal with it so that it does not completely disrupt my life.
I attribute this awakening to my state of being, as I was open and searching for something to fill my life after having raising kids for the last 20 years. Both had gone off to college. Hence the web name Emptynester.
I am fortunate to have a kind and caring yoga teacher who has allowed me to ask numerous questions as well as taken the time to allow me to share my journey. I continue to study, attend 2 or 3 beginner hatha yoga classes each week, and practice most days at home.
Though the beginning of my journey was tumultuous, I am thankfull for the blessings that I have experienced along the way. The path to understanding continues to unfold.

Beng Choo

I have been practicing & teaching Hatha Yoga for more than ten years when I came across Kundalini Yoga at a week end workshop conducted by a Kundalini Yoga teacher from SKY UK, visiting Penang, Malaysia, more than 3 years ago. It was a truly amazing experience for me. At that time I described to my yoga friends and teachers that I was high the whole weekend after the attending the workshop.

Several months after that I went into depression and was incapable of coming out of my house for more than 6 months. I was forced to stop all my classes. I went through several cycle of manic/highs and depression/lows over the last 3-4 years. I seek treatment from natruropathic/homoepathic doctor for 1 and 1/2 years and subsequently traditional Chinese doctor and received acupuncture&cupping treatments for one full year.

I stayed with my practice as much as I could and especially when I was in my manic phases, I continue to go for classes & workshops, more Kundalini then Hatha because I totally fall in love with Kundalini after my first taste of it.

Last year, during my depressed/low phase, I was reading a book titled Yoga for depression. The author cautioned people who have manic depression in the practice of breath of fire which is unique to Kundalini Yoga. This breath is used to accompany many Kundalini postures and exercise sets. Since then, I stopped my home practice of Kundalini Yoga and also stopped attending Kundalini Yoga classes or workshops. I am now back doing Hatha Yoga, which I felt is a safer practice for me. I have been well for several months now but I am not sure if I am completely out of the manic depression cycle. Kundalini Yoga may not be suitable for people like me but I think it could be great for others...

Catalyst Yogi

Sat Nam (reverent greetings)

I am a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. If you want to awaken your Kundalini energy in a safe way - practice this yoga - it is a science and technology to awaken you. All of creation has their Kundalini Energy - even mother earth herself.

The Kundalini is your soul uncoiling itself - it will raise your consciousness so that you begin to shift your perspective to the Truth - that you are a Spiritual Being having human experiences.

For more information view this video.

<a href=""></a>

peace and love to ALL,

Catalyst Yogi

Bob Donovan

I tread lightly and seek from the outside, and when it shows safe intrigue, I enter. The article about releasing the snake, does not say where the snake lives, so it can be seen, before entering and what one may experience with the snake's intent. Let light show the pose, the preparation for the pose, and an open door to expectations. I have been spoiled by the YJ showing the path as I have described.

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