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I go to many yoga classes and men are VERY welcome in them. It's very balancing to have male energy in the room..please do not think of it as male and female but rather that we are all fellow travellers on a journey. Hope to see you in class soon:-)


Ezell, I have men in several of my classes. They're definitely in the minority, but they are welcomed by me and my students. Sometimes the women in class need a little time to trust you, to know that you're not there to stare at them or hit on them, but once they get used to you they'll be happy to share the studio with you.


I'd like to respond to Ezell's comment/questions about yoga and the percentage of female to male ratios in classes and if he should attend a studio. Yoga was primarily practiced by men in India throughout it's history. Yoga has received the reputation of appealing more to young women (and men!) in response to the trend and media. However, there are plenty of men and women that have been practicing yoga longer than I've been alive, and continue to enjoy the benefits. Take a class. You will add to your personal practice and go deeper with the energy of the room. You will enjoy a shift from thinking about what comes next to allowing the teacher to lead you through your practice. You will forget about whether or not you're the only man in the room (and embrace the fact that you may be!). You will go deep and learn the meaning of your practice--breathing, allowing, healing--something your system may need right now after an arduous and stressful life at war. Peace and good luck~


Look for a class that is open to both sexes and look for a teacher open to teaching to a variety of fitness/ability levels. This may be at a traditional studio....or it could also be found in a local community ed class! I am currently teaching a class in a corporate environment and the men seem to love my class....I think largely because I offer lots of modifications and keep things pretty gentle. You can get so much from you have discovered, it can be a great stress reliever!
Most women (I can speak for myself) are very open to men in classes. Thanks for your service to our country....if you are ever in MN....please come to a class of mine for free!!




I am a male with Army experience and a life that would be dominated by stress without a minimal level of yoga practice. In my small town we had maybe 4 or 5 attend the yoga class at the local gym. I never got the cold shoulder or noticed any other sign that I was not welcome. Go for it. Don't let the ladies intimidate you. I practice not for them but for myself. I don't compare myself to them. Good luck!


ezell--i say join whichever studio feels right to you. it's your yoga practice.


I am a male in the Army with a high stress job. I discovered Yoga while in Afghanistan 2 years ago and I feel the urge to practice poses all the time to help me keep my stress down. I'm curious about exploring Yoga further but as most men have discovered, Yoga is a female dominated enviornment, and well to say the least I am highly intimidated to attend a studio. How do women feel about accepting men into "their" surroundings?


Reiki Tummo can awaken the Kundalini safely and very powerfully for the spiritual path that one wants to go on.
I recommend Reiki Tummo as the way to open the Kundalini energy. Stay in your heart and surrender.


Many years ago a Kundalini class was offered during lunch at a university where I worked. I gave it a try because my job was so stressful. At first I felt a little skeptical with all the chanting and breath of fire, not having experienced anything like it before. As I often tended to work through lunch which didn't help my stress level, I vowed to never miss the yoga classes. After many months I would leave the class feeling light and totally at peace. Nothing the crazy professors or students would do bothered me, I felt totally calm and at peace. I remember towards the end of my experience (the teacher could no longer teach the class) at the end of each class, lying quietly I was able to achieve a state of such complete relaxation I was no longer able to feel the floor under my body. I always wondered if that's what was meant by levitation. It was a wonderful experience and while I've taken other yoga classes achieving great benefit, I've never had that feeling of such complete levitation. That was almost thirty years ago and after reading this article, I wonder how that release would affect me now after many years of trials and challenges, wondering where my true place in life is. I think I could imagine the potential for a psychotic break, although I wonder if that would be such a bad thing which could lead to great enlightenment.

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