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Joanne Gormley

please change my email address
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Sally you've done it again - such elegant prose. Stirring, beautiful words laden with deep meaning. Thank you for sharing your profound wisdom. All your articles lend grace to my life and everyone around me benefits!


Thank you for sharing your insights - I can see so many opportunities in my own life and the lives of those around me to ask the question "in what do I trust?" and to come to terms with what courage really is and how to find it within.

little tree

when assaulted by a partner it is not enought to merely subdue the partner so that you are not harmed, but it is important to go the next step and place the partner in a position so that he/she does not harm themselves either (either physically or spiritually/karmically) - we are yogi's - we must move to a point where we do not associate courage with harming others - killing others in the insanity of war - that is not courage - merely associating courage with war in your article makes me cry


Each momet of our lives we can be into the unknown or ourselves, that is great courage.
Thank you Durgananda.
Alll mi love Namaste

Veena Grover RYT.

I Really feel for your situation,16 years back I almost had similar position,My dog was snatched away from my yard by Coyote, I could not forgive myself many years.God Closes one door opens another door,may be another door will open bigger for you & may be better. Surrender to God.Don't question,remember Parmahansaji said,Yo can't reach God with intelligence.I feel much better today,than I was feeling 20 years back.My husband found another job,I went to Yoga school, certified from Ananda Yoga school & helping other people built my courage,peace & happiness & I have been teaching as a volunteer as well as paid job.Which was my goal for the last 40 years.I used to teach in India & also practiced yoga in India,but could not continue with family responsibilities. I fulfilled my duties & I am still responsible grandmother,mother,mother-in law,wife & a Humble teacher to my students & more devoted servant of God,Lesser money,more courage & fewer needs.Blessings, Veena


I Understand, I had to put both (2) dogs to sleep at the same time in Feb 2/10. I still grieve for them. My children all grown and my husband died in 2/98, how ironic that the two things in my life are gone. Even now I feel lost and have gotten a part time job, but even that does not make the loneliness go away. I do not work regularly, but I do know that I beleive in GOD as the higher power and HE is my source of strength. I am nothing without HIM and if HE died to save me then I believe and trust HIS judgement to lead me and comfort me. Mediate on HIM and HIS WORD and in time you will be okay. If HE will do it for me, HE will do it for you. I am stronger and happier than I have ever been even though my heart aches for my babies. Living for CHRIST has been and is an awesome experience.


I am going through a time of new & tumultuos awareness. Up & down. Whew! What a ride... I have been seeking out helpful information/guidance andoften am overwhelmed. This article has inspired me to keep on the lifelong path of learning, not just for me, but for those I hope to inspire and love too. Thank you for the energy.


I just had to put my dog to sleep and am just crushed by this intense heart ache. This past year, I've lost my job, my husband has lost his, and I have had to take a part time job that I have been struggling with, and 2 bosses who are very dysfunctional and abusive. It is getting harder and harder to get up every morning. I needed to ask myself the bigger question of "In What DO I Trust?" Thanks. I need to go meditate now.


This really resonates with what I've been going through at this step into the Unknown...the void of creation...requires a great letting go. Thank you for a very inspiring, in-depth article.
Jay Ma Durga!

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