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Brings to mind a certain line "Resistance is futile". Yet, with a careful reading of your article, one can see that resistance is NOT "incapable of producing any result" "ineffective" "useless" "unimportant" "easily broken" or "worthless" (all definitions of "futile"). Quite the contrary, it is capable of producing a desirable result, can be effective, can be useful, it is important to pay attention to, it is not always easily broken (it can take time) and it can be worthwhile if we learn something from it. Blessings.


Jillian, thank you for your honesty.


Resistance is the opposite of irresistible. I just ate a spinach salad, it was irresistible. I did not enjoy relations with the man on the couch because he resists humanity. I think these thoughts are going through my mind because life is intolerable presently.


wonderful article, great subject, and exploration. One point though, you stated that the purpose of the immune system is keeping bugs and virus out etc. I view health more holistically. The immune system restores balance. Do you know the tibetans never have a cold. How does one explain that?


beautiful article. thank you sally. in a workshop I took with stephen levine many years ago he said, "the same armor that protects the heart is the same armor that won't let love in." these amazing words hit me at my core when I became a mother. a child's natural instinct is to love. the idea of me unconsciously rejecting my small child's love with my "protective armor" - and the message I'd be teaching him about love and loving - got my full attention. as you write in your article we can resist the "sweetness of life", too. I have found it helpful to dialogue with my resistance -to invite it in for tea. When I stop and listen...resistance usually has something very important to tell me!


Olivia asked "Why would someone resist something like intimacy or love?" Unfortunately, when you've been hurt by someone you do love and you did trust completely, it's very hard to open up to anyone ever again, because you never want to feel that pain again. It seems easier to resist.


intimacy and love - admitting your own flaws, finding flaws in others and being able to live with thm, being afraid to say what is really on your mind - all reasons to resist intamcy and love.
It requires total sharing that isn't always ease to give


Why would someone resist something like intimacy or ove? Insights anyone?


Thanks. Your clarity (and kindness) in talking about something so difficult to explain in words is helping me in understanding my own inward feelings. I want to move deeper and face that fear. Very grateful for your work and that of Yoga Journal.

Simeen Oshidar

Thank you, these meaningful words have given me an insight into my years of procrastination.

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