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It was some kind of fate that brought me to read this article today. I have not been someone who meditates - I find it hard to do. I vowed, starting today, that I would start meditating to rid myself of the burning anger I have inside of me for the way my ex treated me before we split. I did my first meditation today and it actually left me feeling somewhat better. I plan to spend at least 5 minutes each day learning that my anger does not serve me - it imprisons me.


As I struggle with a broken heart, the wisdom contained in this article is timely and welcomed.

Many thanks!


Great article, thank you!


This article is wonderful! Thoughtful and beautifully written. I've been thinking that I must work on completing myself by myself for awhile now...thanks so much for the reminder that yoga can facilitate this.


Superb article. I lead a group of divorcee and think it will be helpful for them to know all about it. I might even be able to turn them in to the interest of trying yoga.;-)


The article was excellect. It reflected on looking inward and finding love of oneself. This allows for better use of any abstract time which to relect while moving through relationships with others.


I am struggling with the same thing. I have been in a relationship for 8 yrs. with frequent breakups. I feel emptier when we are together than when we are apart because their is no deep connection between us. I continually return to this relationship because I miss the companionship and the couples activities. I know I need to concentrate more on my yoga practice and other activities and learn to fullfill my own needs. I realize I may end up spending the rest of my life alone but I know in my heart of hearts that I need to stay away from that relationship.

Veena Grover RYT

The struggle never ends, if we think as a struggle.Leave the word struggle & do your part, in other words, change yourself.Ego- on the way don't let us surrender.Practice deep breathing, Taekwodo, yoga & Fitness.I am expressing from my personal experience, I went on using word struggling 20 years of my married, family life.My husband is the most wonderful person,I am great too in my own way.I had difficulty understanding the whole situation.Too busy raising kids,professionally working & no time to explore my inner soul. I was trying to please relatives,entertain guests & complain to my husband.Realization made me aware, I want to be at peace, built my inner strength & esteem, practice Taekwondo & yoga, hence found peace & started enjoying my life, No complains,Kids, grand kids & my wonderful husband{Retired General surgeon}enjoying yoga practice. The house hold is at peace We have to learn the word {No} & help the real needy people ,Develop the circle of people, who have similar needs & enjoy your inner peace.God is with you & surrender to His feet & He will take care of you. Human beings are the same,Please,meditate & find inner strength & accept each other as you are.Blessings


this is an amazing article...a mana staight from heaven..just waht i needed most at the moment...thanks so much...


I'm struggling in a 27 year marriage. Nearly every day I wrestle with myself--have we grown apart so much that we can't stay married, or am I not being in the present moment enough to appreciate my husband's good qualities? I feel like we have some very fundamental differences. I go back & forth between not wanting to hurt my husband and loyalty to my vows, to the ache I feel in my heart. No good solution. I guess I'll meditate on it. Thanks.

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