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Nice read for implementing to have a happiness to be created for own !


I find I am at a crossroads in my life; want to do more for others; want to practice Yoga more, but I find excuses to not do what I need to do....I am basically retired from working and can now dedicate myself to my journey. Any suggestions?


I like Donna Farhi's question, "Am I becoming the world I want to live in?"

Veena Grover RyT

I agree with Bill, journey without a destination is nothing,have your aim in life.Short goals & little by little, reach the destination.For example, It takes years to learn the real meaning of yoga, it is a personal path.Inner connection comes with time.We eliminate some things out of our bucket & add some other important things in our heart.Yoga practice relax us, physically, mentally & spiritually.We enjoy the taste of yoga practice & practice more.Over the years, I have eliminated some people of my social life, as I don't have interest with their conversations any more.I enjoy my simple meal, simple meditation & reading some books, which bring peace & joy in my life.I always remember, when I go to the social parties "Parmahansaji said,Observe the movie of life, but don't become part of it "I enjoy watching & observing people,they consume some drinks, talk loud & gossip.Not everybody though.
I am not here to be judgmental, rather in my humble way, trying to correct myself.We all have our own pathways to choose & our own kind of life to be weaving. Enjoy, but always keep God in Heart & help others.Don't laugh on others rather pray for them


A journey without a destination is nothing more than an aimless wandering. Setting destination type goals and taking action in the present towards your goals creates the life you will want and will give you the true sense of achievement and value expression that will help you contribute to the good of the world. The inner focus yoga entails directs you to the true source of designing your destination goals on your terms and the peace to direct your energies towards them, by blocking out the many forces that pull you towards their goals. Coaching gives you the real clarity to know who you are today and where you want to be in the future.

Veena Grover RYT

Julie, I agree with your goals.But living in the society, environment affects us lot.It is true, we should do our part & leave up to God.To achieve inner peace,we are not living in Himalaya, where we sit in Samathi & do our OM prayers.The family, friends & work place is not easy to deal with.In my opinion, Life is constant struggle,we resolve one issue, another starts.Deep Breathing, Yoga practice help us to stay calm & focused more internally.Live in the presence & surrender to Higher power. Blessings & namaste.

Veena Griover

Planning too many things hardly work.With practice of Yoga & Meditation, you stay focused & with inner connection & lesser socialization, You feel blessed & find inner peace. Blessings.


I agree. But not about planning the future. Goals are a very western concert. Yin yang has no end. Live in the now.


Nora, great article. So many awesome tips, just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed it!

jules arden

Greetings. And how do you define higher goals John? For me, to love my life would consist of 3 things:
1. That I am at peace with myself
2. That what I am doing each day is making me a better person
3. That what I am doing each day is making the world a better place.
How are these different from life's higher goals? I don't think there is any difference between them.
jules from wisdomhere

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