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That was so wonderful, Sally! Thank you for sharing.


what if that was a moment when the Guru lost control and was in fact abusive towards the cooks? realizing that someone was witnesssing his tirade, he suddenly changed gears....
maybe he was still in a learning process himself...having a bad hair day.
i actually think that what's missing are the cooks' point of view, how did they feel being yelled at? in an employment situation that could be considered harassment.
of course that's not a pleasant interpretation.


I'm not a fan of being mean to anyone, but we don't know the circumstances of what was happening in that kitchen. We also don't know the type of relationship the guru had with his kitchen staff. They very well could have been like family to him, and sometimes I have a good toss at my family when I need to and they let it rip on me if I did something stupid. We get it out, then laugh about it. The trick is not to take it all to seriously. Can be a tall order for the overly sensitive, but totally liberating when you can overcome the tendency to become mired in it and let it go. Lots of love!

Shannon Kelly

While I agree with other comments about the possibility of the guru's yelling having a negative impact on the cooks, I think you are missing the point. Experiencing and expressing anger can be a powerful tool in one's life and practice. Anger can give you important information that you might otherwise miss -- perhaps someone is mistreating you or a situation is not right. For example, the anger you may have experienced reading about the guru's shouting! However, like I initially said, I agree that appropriate outlets for expression need to be found, and shouting isn't always the best choice (though I believe we have all done it ourselves at some point...)


I love Sally!


I wonder what should be good about shouting at others and seeing anger waves?
do you like to be shouted at? did those cooks enjoy it?
This "guru" jus does not have enough inner strength and balance or he is just manipulative.


This is hard work. I feel like I should express my emotions rather than keeping them bottled up, but I'm always afraid I'll exaggerate or overreact. How do we keep the balance between being reasonable/polite and speaking our minds (or rather, our emotions)?


Am I the only one here who was bothered by the way the guru treated those cooks? Perhaps it's due to my time as a waitress (when there was plenty of yelling done by everyone, including the cooks) that I felt such sympathy for people who have to endure being yelled at in the course of simply doing there job. Of course it is liberating to simply express anger whenever it arises, but we have to be considerate of others and not subject them to our rages simply because we have the power and authority to do so. Go ahead and be angry, but why be belligerent to others? Where's the kindness in that?


The practice of saying "I welcome you" to my feelings was an eye opener to me, a wonderful way of softening my attitude towards my feelings and realizing that they are an intrinsic part of the human experience. Thanks for giving me yet another reason to feel gratitude and awe towards life!


I have been thinking about this a lot lately; before I came across this article. I observed new babies raging with anger at simply being in the bright unexpected oxygenated atmosphere and realised anger is a part of human nature. Instead of denying it, as well as others in the broad range of natural human emotions, we need to acknowledge it and deal with it in a intelligent way - including expressing it!

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