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This has got to be the most penetrating, comprehensive and at the same time succinct analysis of envy ever. Thank you so much for writing it. It is both reassuring and helpful. I am going to print it out and read it everyday until I am 'cured'. xo


Thank you so much for this wonderful article. Envy is something I have struggled with my entire life. It has gotten much worse in recent times now that I have a family of my own. I am constantly comparing myself to other people's families. I will start working through this as you have suggested. Thanks again.


Thank you so much.

Robin Munson

Thank you, Sally, for a very enlightening and fascinating article. It was brave of you to take this on, and it almost never gets talked about ("in polite society"!) And yes, I recognize this sneaky, snarky quality in my own psyche, although I have tremendous gratitude for my happy life. There are pockets of sadness for some unfulfilled dreams, and so I have a ways to go in terms of santosa. I am digesting all you've said and making a plan to begin the work of transforming this dark energy. I wish you great happiness and continued success.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! You just hit the nail on the head. You've helped me understand where the "internal demons" come from, and why. Thanks for helping me understand that the capacity to get rid of them is within me. Can't wait to put your advise in practice and live a happy, friendly life. :)


I have heard the complaints we make about others come from perceived weaknesses/failings in ourselves. I am trying to integrate that with envy since they both seem related (at least to me).


Thank you very much for this article. I regularly feel appreciation for what you write.


I'm embarrassed to admit my envy of some of my friends at times; even a family member or two. I have a very blessed life, so I always feel so guilty when this emotion surfaces. I try very hard to reflect on my own life. What is it that leads me down the envy path? And how do I begin to stop this energy zapping attitude? I loved this article, and I thank you for.posting it. Very helpful indeed!

Jaye Hargrove

Thank you so much for this Sally Kempton. I've been admiring your writing style and content for a long time on the Yoga Journal philosophy and wisdom sites. This one really hit home. I am 54 and at the point in life where I am finally ready to deal with my petty jealousies. They have smouldered for so long and become ingrained that I could no longer figure out why relationships would break or why I have been so tired and angry. Thank you!


Karmic energy is very valid. I have two daughters who are diabolically opposite. One brunette, heavy set, bright and able to complete all tasks or goals. The other, blonde and thin, a bit of a scatter brain with difficulty in school and social friendships, often chosing the wrong people to hang out with. Sometimes I feel my older daughter relishes in her sister's failures and often critisizes her without offering advise. I often experss to her she has a gift that her sister can benefit by and praise her maturity and find myself "begging" her to advise and offer guidance to her sister that a mother can not do. Instead I find this perpetual conflict and I beieve it is all from envy from both sides. One may envy the physicallity and the other envies the knowledge. I hope things will work out.

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