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Sarah love

Yep, it is all in your mind. I have learned a lot about this from this website


Great article Sally. Thank you.


nice article

Rajesh Ahuja

I'm deeply impressed by your knowledge of Hindu philosophy, as a Hindu even I did not have an in-depth understanding of vikalpa, kalpana, prathibha and bhavana. Hats off to you Sally, I look forward to enhance my knowledge further reading more articles of wisdom written by you.


What is the cause of imagination, as I think we all very much entangle in effects. If real world is not what we see through our senses then what is the real world? and I also a big a question about time..why we think what we see is the only thing happening at that time..may be there are infinite things happening but we are not in the exact orientation of time at that time.

For example, time is constant and it is like an infinite long highway and there are numbers of cars traversing on that road, in a constant speed, that is acceleration and velocity is same for every car. only thing is, cars are covered with opaque glasses so that insiders can't see anything but they also do not collide with each other unless they somehow control their acceleration or velocity. So, are we able to control it? I don't think we can't and we are traveling on a constant path so we can't see there are other cars moving at the same time. we only see ourselves. so, come back to imagination, we all feel we imagine but where does it come from and the content of that imagination is not in our control, though apparently we think we control over it.

I like the last para where the author imagine ourselves as an enlightened sage.


This is a gem. Sally Kempton's wisdom through study but moreover, experience, is astounding. Love this. Will incorporate.


This, and other articles by Sally are my "Bible". Whenever I feel I cannot cope, or just need some inner calm I read and re-read her essays and I feel so much better for it. Thanks Sally -- I only wish you could write more!


Thank you for making these big sophisticated concepts clear and comprehensive


Great article!

I've also been reading Change Your Life In Seven Days by Paul Mckenna, and even he basis all of his life changing exercises off working with your own imagination to stretch your limits.

There is definitely something in it.. I just wish I was taught this years back when I was in high school to get into positive habits.

I am now 25 but hey it's never too late!! =)


A beautifully crafted, enriching synthesis that weaves many threads into one understandable whole. Sally Kempton illuminates the path for us all.

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