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All the "yogis" should sue yoga works, yoga alliance, and sivananda, to get their money back, because the poor dupes thought they we're paying to learn to teach yoga. There's a future in Swedish Gymnastics!:)


The author might have spent a long time to study the history of Yoga but finally what he learnt is far from truth. He has not been able to understand many basic facts and truth about yoga. Anyway keep trying !


Dear Vera,
I am studying the history and origins of yoga. Can you please elaborate on the comment that Mark is attempting to corrupt the roots of yoga.


kathy slayter

Eric, thought you might like to read this article, it is about the history of yoga and whether today's common style of class is fundamentally correct as to the true meaning of yoga.


Just like the true meaning of Christianity has been "corrupted" so here Mark is attempting to corrupt the roots of Yoga.


The image that comes with this article is inappropriate.


I would argue that reading the Hatha Tatvakaumudi and Hatha Ratnavalli leave one the impression that a huge amount of what we practice in modern yoga comes from these early texts. The key components of Ashtanga Vinyasa are Ujayi breathing, moolha bandha and asana.. all of which are described in some detail in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. The number of asanas described in early texts is fairly limited but it is clearly stated that there are thousands of asanas at this time. Krishnamacharya's teacher was Brahmamohana of tibet and although he may have visited Kuvalyananda's school at some point he was never a student. There are numerous other inaccuracies in Mark Singleton's work. For example. One of the largest providers of Yoga teacher training in the world is the Sivananda Yoga organisation. Sivananda yoga classes consist of a variations on a set sequence known as the Rishikesh Sequence. All the postures, bar one, in the Rishikesh sequence can be found in the texts HYP and GS. Namaste james russell


one day I googled: how old is yoga? and I found an article that said that BKS Iyengar invented modern asana as it is practiced today! Singleton's article addresses that question to which there isn't a clear cut answer. Maybe we need to ask ourselves why we need to know the answer?

N K Srinivasan

Swami Kuvalayananda and Yogendra were disciples of Paramahansa Madhavadasji in Baroda who was an accomplished yogi and lived upto 123 years. Madhavadasji had learned yoga and other spriitual practices from many masters in the 19th century in his wide travels till he reached eighty years.Only then he established his ashram in the tradition of Kuvalayananda and Yogendra were not derived from Manick Rao, but Madhavadasji. They took help from Manick Rao to formulate a physical training system for school students in the Mumbai [Bombay] presidency. Mark Singleton's research needs greater depth than what is displayed in this article.


rubbish article with no real understanding of history - yoga is not krishnamachraya or the mysore school or iyengar ... the physical aspects of yoga emerge from these schools which the west took due to their own obsession with the body and this is why yoga is what it is in the West ... ask yourself a simple question - what is the link between Ahimsa in Buddhism and Yoga, and how does the martial arts traditions build their pratice on Ahimsa - or better still go watch 'Kung Fu Panda' ....

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