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Excellent ,organized thoughts .Yes , we have to keep in touch and contact ,face to face with the great persons who I consider sharing good times .Persons who deserve LOVE . Love is different in each persons some persons have honey in their blood ,heart ,body,mind and energy others have hate in their love ,specially uneducated persons .There is a great note from Spain: that nature , family can not do for you,education , principles ,freedom ,love , and so on (positive emotions ) M.I.T or Harvard can not give it to you .

Thank you for your article

Natasha Salmon Cogno

Great article! Thank you, Judith, for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with all of us. Love your interpretation of the Niyamas. Hope to see you in San Francisco in 2013 at the YJ Conference! Already signed up for one of your classes!

Martin Deehan

Thanks for this illuminating article!


Excellent article. Thank you.

Christine Frisco

Thank you for this illuminating discussion of the niyamas.
Isn't saucha like satya and ahimsa?


Very useful for one's life.Thank you.


re: Bobbie...You deserve a man who knows and values your worth. Its that simple. If you feel you deserve more than he is able to give, move on. Don't devalue yourself one more day.
(coming from experience)
Peace and love


Could it simply be, Bobbie, that this man does not really want to spend time with you? Or that his perception of the relationship is not the same as yours?


I can understand what stellabloo is saying, since I am at a crossroads where I want to find things that make me happy. But then if I begin the search for happiness, then I may search for the rest of my life, not satisfied with anything nor anyone that may come my way. Meditation will teach us to accept the present moment(s) and the people and things that inhabit such moment. No one or nothing is perfect; actually the word perfect should be banished from language all together.


In reply to Bobbie's dilemna, the hallmarks of the co-dependant relationship are generally an undue focus on the need to fix the problems of another and loss of self-identity to the point where one's feelings of self-worth are inextricably tied to the behaviour of the other.

Isvara Pranidhana is not just a yogic concept; it lies at the core of the 12 Step Program. When we devote ourselves completely to our Higher Power, when we fully trust that we will receive all that we truly need, we open ourselves to relationships with all our fellow beings instead of this dream of the perfect partner.

To concentrate this much mental energy on the one person who is pushing you away is a waste of the Divine Love within you; there are people all around you, including yourself, who can benefit from your love. I'm no psychic, but my thought is that you should walk away and concentrate instead on other things that bring joy and meaning into your life. This is not giving up on the relationship; if it's that easy for you to be thrown "off balance" by another, than think of it as a call to return to Centre.

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