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Interesting article.
What I find missing in western interpretations of sex in yoga, is the direct link to love. If one's sexuality(and mind) is linked to love, then this is a high form of spiritual practice within love relationships, as well as all areas of life.

The essence of love is to give, to fill the other with love that is reflected back to in union.
In yoga, sexuality is an extension of the love that is exclusively shared with another. There is nothing to 'give up,' as such, who would desire loveless sex when you are unifying in love with your partner?

Aubrey Coon

Patanjali is perhaps the greatest of the Christian theologists, in regard to confirming that Jesus Christ was resurrected through the use of bhakti yoga, transcending all bounds through his Krsna (Christ) conciousness.

Aubrey Coon

Master Patanjali wrote the yoga sutras around 200 BC according to most scholars. The yoga journal should make an effort to correct this error.


I had learned that Patanjali lived 500 years before Jesus.


I don't see how patanjali could be dated to two centuries after the life of jesus. Wouldn't that make him or her our contemporary?

Rajendar Menen

The great sage Sri Aurobindo said, "All life is yoga." But let us not bring celibacy into the picture. It is irrelevant. Sex and super consciousness are also yoga. Celibacy is a matter of choice; not at all mandatory in yoga.


I don't see how brahmacharya, walking with god, would translate to have anything to do with celibacy. Although admittedly this is the very first article I've read on the subject. I would translate it using the monogamous reasoning to be true to the path..if your going to walk with god, walk with god. Be monogamous to the path. Don't dilute it with other/side affairs. Stay true to the path.
Just a thought..


good article..enjoyed the contents..all the best..

Sam I Am

thank you Judith for introducing us to the true essence of Yoga in a very readable and enjoyable article. It is so well written and understandable that you have encouraged me to renew my focus on the ethical rules of Yoga, which really should be the ethical rules of Life as a Human Being.

to Gigi, Yoga is not a religion, it is a a way of life. It is for everyone. There is no limitation or requirements.

Christine Frisco

Thank you for this refresher. I loved your analogy to "laying down the law" with your children before entering the restaurant.
I also have never heard the translation of brahmacharya as "walking with God." So this is related to Isvarpranidana (sp.).
One question I have is there any ambition that is reasonable to improve our lives when taking on aparigraha?

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