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Yes, surrender has a bad reputation in the West, and the illusion of being in control has cost us and the planet we live on greatly.
Through bonafied yoga practitioners and teachers, and other avenues to the realization that we are in control of nothing, perhaps we have a chance of changing and opening the hearts of others to the power of real surrender to Divine energy. And each person has the freedom create meaningful ritual as a reminder of our place in the universe.


Beautiful & inspiring! Thank you so much for this!! Namaste.


So beautifully said, in a way that makes it easy to follow. I am truly grateful to the author for showing me the way.


Veena Grover RYT

God is one,Believe in Higher power & other thoughts will bring positive energy & release the negative energy & move forward with free spirit.Yoga is all moving with freedom.When I was younger & i was in India,I Used to practice yoga regularly, no tension, no stress & I was always free & happy.Moved to United States after I got married, always conscious about everything,I always questioned myself, What should I dress up? Sari or American clothes? Am I Indian or American? My innerself was not centered.I was always looking for outside approval.I moved to United States 1966 & took me 20 years to feel comfortable with my innerself, Please, Don't waste those many years to explore yourself. God is one, Human beings are the same.I started mantra everyday," I am a descent human being & God's child"I feel comfortable with most of the people around.I surrender to God everynight I go to sleep & wake up with positive feelings to help others through my yoga practice & God has been wonderful to me & my family. Blessings & Namaste, veena


One of the best articles I've read in Yoga Journal. Surrender is such an essential piece of the practice. I mention it a lot in my Vinyasa classes; surrender your desire to get INto a pose, surrender your desire to get OUT of a pose, let the breath move you through the poses like the wind moves a tree. Thanks

Veena Grover

Surrendering to the Higher power.Do your best & let god take care of the things.Surrender & believe God in all circumstances.make your connection with God inside & let Him be the master of everything.Surrender at will.
Blessings. Veena


I am a yogi however every time I read about a philosophy or a fundamental practice in yoga I find it in Islam like The Practice of Surrender is called TAWAKOUL and it is an essential heart action in Islam


make the passage short. I don't feel to read such big thing.


While I enjoyed reading this article, it is directed toward being in a Yogic environment, usually anything is much easier to do in a place where you can meditate, practice yoga and be connected to your body, mind and spirit. Many of us are going thru life changing situations and that is when the type of surrendering described in this article can seem like a wonderful idea but nearly impossible to attain. You need an article that tells you how to do this in horrible life situations, not how to achieve surrender in controlled conditions. Surrender is difficult, much like everyday common life. Most of us are not yoga teachers or sages, we are just ordinary people trying to get through day to day.


I've practiced acknowledging a holy presence during my day, but not the idea of an offering to Spirit before activities. I think this will add a new dimension to my connection to Spirit.

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