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david boblett

paid for my subscriptions in full, but never received my free gifts. wondering why.

Ann Townsend

I have complex PTSD, depression and anxiety. I am now in my early 60's and have had them since I can remember. When I got married almost 40 years ago, my husband liked to yell which triggered the PTSD and made my depression a lot worse. Yoga has been helping me a lot. But the recommendation to use yelling to get rid of stress wasn't appreciated.


I particularly liked the distinction between "hot reactives" and cooler heads and how observing the anger will only fan the flames of we hotheads. Great piece.


The article is very helpful. I have a auto immune problem and i would assume that anger plays a big role in my disease. thank you for ideas on how to allow this ange to flow through.

janine kaczynski

Anger, trauma, being picked on as a kid and an adult & not getting your turn creates anger. Losing your family, being tricked into marrying badly add to it. Stick up for yourself people retaliate, you don't you lose and earn a name. Fair share & things you learned in kindergarten...some people just want to be loved & never get it. Valid reasons for being angry. Yoga helps, the core reasons sometimes remain.


Getting angry makes you sick from the negative feelings. Praying to God for strength not to get angry is in a way God's answer to that prayer. When we pray we ask to be forgiving, to accept hurt and pain instead of fighting back. We have a saying "Isa-Diyos" translated to "offer it (as a sacrifice) to God"


Great article! Very helpful.


Thank you so much this article helped me understand my emotions and not stuff them. I love "ride the wave" what a freeing tool.

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