5 Ways Yogis Can Take Action on Earth Day

Get out and celebrate Earth Day this year by practicing ahimsa (non-harming). We’ve collected some easy and fun ways to spread the eco-friendly mindset.

Yogis around the globe will be celebrating Earth Day on Friday. After all, yoga and caring for the Earth go hand in hand. As Green Yoga Association founder Laura Cornell tells Yoga Buzz, “Yoga starts with the Earth. Period. Our bodies are made from the elements of the planet, our blood from its waters, the air we breathe from its atmosphere. We are not separate. When we recognize this deeply, we are on our way towards the first step of yoga–ahimsa.”.

This Earth Day, take your love of the planet one step further–and take action. Many studios are offering up free and donation-based classes, live drumming, and community events. Here are a few other ways you can thank the Earth:

1. Become a Yoga Energy Activist.

Shiva Rea invites you to respond to the ongoing energy crisis by commit yourself to becoming an Energy Activist. Watch the video.

2. Practice Yoga Outside.

Feel your feet connect with the ground, the wind in your hair, and give gratitude to Mother Nature. Learn why outdoor yoga is beneficial to your health.

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3. Unplug.

Forsake television, turn off the lights, cell phone and computers, and spend time with your friends or family instead. Having trouble disconnecting? Take Amy Ippoliti’s 4 Tips for a Digital Detox.

4. Reduce Water Consumption.

Think before you flush and cut five minutes from your shower.

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5. Dedicate Your Practice.

Set an intention for your practice, and send lovingkindness to the Earth. Here’s how to set an intention that will last.

To read these ideas and more, visit Shiva Rea’s Yoga Energy Activism, Green Yoga, and Global Green