Mindful Money Management Tips to Inspire Financial Security

Whether you want to pay off student loans, stick to a budget, or start investing, you can learn to manage your money mindfully on the mat with these 9 poses that stimulate financial stability.


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How to Get a Natural Glow, the Ayurvedic Way


In Ayurveda, the key to glowing from within is balancing three mind-body energies: ojas, tejas, and prana. These exist in all of us in a mutually beneficial relationship that sustains long-term health. Their preservation is a fountain of youth. Healthy prana (life force) and tejas (a healthy physical glow) yield ojas (internal nourishment from). Finding balance among the three is the key to longevity. Below we break down each of these elements, and offer practices that can help you reclaim your energy and joy.

Cara Brostrom Prana

Prana is the energy of life. Because, like air, it is characterized by movement, prana is considered the subtle counterpart of vata—the air element we all carry in some measure. They work in tandem. This energy circulates around the body, carried by the currents of vata and governed by the movements of your attention. In cases of vata imbalance, the circulation of life energy can be compromised. In busy day-to-day life, it is very easy to lose touch with the movements of life energy and attention. A slow and steady commitment to paying attention to self-care and self-love pays off in the prana bank.

For optimal health, prana and its smooth circulation must be cultivated with care. Moderate exercise, high-quality food, enough rest, good company, and self-love all build life energy. Mental afflictions, such as stress and worry, may be the biggest drain on life energy.

A break in prana’s rhythmic circulation can be physical, such as cholesterol blocking an artery or gas stuck in the intestines. However, psychic causes—chronic stress, worry, grief, or a general disconnect from the physical body (all computer, no exercise)—may be as important as physical causes in the modern progression of diseases.

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