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12 Restorative Poses That Feel Even Better With a Strap

When we think of restorative yoga, we often think of blankets, blocks, and bolsters. While those props can be useful to support your body, you can also practice a restorative sequence with just a strap. The goal of restorative yoga is to give your nervous system a chance to be less busy by giving your body less activity. Using a strap can offer strong support and hold your body securely while you can settle into the positions.

This is a great go-to sequence on recovery days where you wish to release residual tension from your hips. It enables you to settle into greater spaciousness, especially in and around your hip joints.

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Somatic Breathing 1 (Photo: Rocky Heron)

Take a comfortable seat. Place the strap along your back ribs and hold with both hands. Take 5 slow deep breaths, focusing on the expansion of your ribs against the strap as your breathe in, and the pressing of the strap against your back ribs as you exhale.

Somatic Breathing 2 (Photo: Rocky Heron)

Place the strap around your left ribs and hold both ends in your right hand. Take 5 slow breaths as you did in the previous posture, this time focusing your breath into your left side ribs and against the strap on that side.  Switch the position of the strap and repeat on the right side.

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