We Tried A Cacao Ritual for Gratitude

The Maltyox Method gratitude ceremony and cacao ritual cleared one editor's mind and opened her heart.


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Eco-Friendly Altar Products

Forrest & Love Copper Water Bottle | $50

Copper can be recycled over and over again, making this water bottle an excellent addition to your eco-friendly arsenal. In Ayurveda, water stored in a copper vessel such as this balances the three doshas thanks to copper’s natural health benefits, which include creating alkaline water to help balance your pH levels and neutralize acid in your body. It can also help purify water by killing the bacteria in it.

Kazi Tiny Catch All | $20

Handwoven by a women’s co-op in remote areas of Rwanda, this small and silky basket is made from natural fibers, organic dyes, and supports an ethical, fair-trade environment, making it the ideal resting place for your intention-imbued trinkets.

Aseede Aromatherapy Healing Mist | $12

Handcrafted with a blend of lavender and sage to promote a more relaxing practice and a bit less stress, Aseede’s aromatherapy spray injects a bit of relaxation into your morning ritual or evening practice.

P.F. Amber & Moss Candle | $28

Ignite your senses with a candle made from domestically grown soy wax and scented with sage, moss, and lavender oils to produce a long-lasting earthy vibe even when you have to stay inside. Repurpose the amber glass jar by freezing it to easily remove any wax residue, then use it as a planter or paintbrush holder.

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