6 Best Yoga Pants, According to 6 Top Teachers Around the World

Whether you’re looking for the perfect fit, just the right amount of stretch, or a brand that keeps the environment at top of mind, you’ll want to consult this list before you buy your next pair of yoga pants.
By Elizabeth Marglin ,

These are the best yoga pants, according to some of the best yoga teachers around the world.

Yoga pants have become a staple in everyone’s closet—yogis and non-yogis alike. Which is probably why the options feel endless when it comes to different styles, and why shopping for the best yoga pants for you can feel a lot like finding the most flattering jeans or bathing suit. Read: It can be hard!

That’s why we asked yoga teachers—people who put on yoga pants every day—for their top picks. After all, most yoga teachers are in the know when it comes to the many options out there. (It’s what yoga teacher Lizzie Lasater calls an “occupational hazard.”)

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Here, 6 top teachers share their favorites, and why, to help you home in on the best pair for you.

About the Author
Elizabeth Marglin is a yogi and writer in Lyons, Colorado.

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