3 Ways to Modify Warrior I

Modify Virabhadrasana I if needed to find safe alignment in your body.
By Carrie Owerko ,

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Modify Virabhadrasana I if needed to find safe alignment in your body.

Tip: The Power (and Poetry) of Process

Poses can be like prayers or poems—they represent a process. In order to understand a poem, we have to first slow down and be present to the words. Sometimes a simple poetic line cuts through our defenses and pierces our heart. In the same way, the process of creating a pose can pierce through our habitual postural patterning and surprise us with an experience of freedom or joy. So in each pose, let the sense of direction (process) be more important than the final form. Virabhadrasana I is a powerful pose that takes the body through a process of continuous rooting and rising, a process that’s an expression of what it means to live wholeheartedly in the space between earth and sky.

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