Ask Our Expert: Aadil Palkhivala

By Aadil Palkhivala ,

Mentor Expert Questions

Pelvic Floor Strengtheners

Help Students with Chronic Fatigue

Finding the Answers

Archived Questions

Weighty Problems

Savasana Dreaming

Easing Back Pain

Breathing Easy

Peaceful Breathing

Sequencing Meditation into Your Class

When is It Stealing?

Teaching Hearing-Impaired Students

Guiding Students with Osteoporosis

Breathe Easy

Restoratives for Chemo Patients

Teaching With a Detached Retina

Sitting Right

Postures for Low Blood Pressure

Postures for Hight Blood Pressure

Teaching Yoga Therapy

Safe Forward Bends

Class Beginnings and Endings

Aging Yogis

Guiding Intimidated Students

From the Heart

Teaching Seniors

About Face

Keeping the Focus

The "Best" Poses

Lovesick over Teaching

Take a Breath

World Turned Upside Down

A Right Path?

Battling Nerves

Yoga for Water

Uncontrollable Muscle Shaking

Sock Police?

Teaching Ujjayi Breath


When Religion and Yoga Are Confused

Finding Stillness in Corpse Pose

The Meaning of "Namaste"

Modifications for Extra Weight Around the Belly

Finding Relief from Foot Pain and Fallen Arches

Yoga and Contortionism

Poses and Modifications for Stronger Wrists

Easing Pain in the Piriformis Muscle

Advice for Creating a Healthy Diet

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