Ask Our Expert: Dean Lerner

By Dean Lerner ,

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The Nature and Use of Props

How to Plan a Basic Class

Yoga for Sinusitis

Yoga Sutra Study

Teaching During Medical Treatments—Or Not?

Archived Questions

Behavior Management

Poses for Controlling Weight

No Pain, No Gain?

Leading the Blind

Proper Pay

Funding Teacher Training

Opening the Groin and Inner Thighs

Teaching Students with Glaucoma

asanas for Knee Replacement

How Hot is Too Hot?

Help for the Knee

Pregnancy Poses

Backbends and Headaches

Introducing Modifications

Mixing the Personal and Professional

Staying Fresh

Reading the Room

Teaching Motivation

Hip Tips

Avoiding Knee Pain

Down Dog Rotation Remedy

Headstand Hypochondria?

How to Build Contraindication Confidence?

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