Master Class: Meditation Advice for Skeptics

You don't have to force yourself. Here, Alan Finger shares a no-pressure, take-it-or-leave-it approach to the beneficial practice.
By YJ Editor ,

Want to learn how to meditate so your days are inspired with peace and clarity? Join ISHTA Yoga co-founder Alan Finger for his Master Class on the fundamentals of meditation. In this six-week online workshop, you will explore asana that prepares you for meditation, breathwork that shifts your state of mind, and kriyas that will help you find balance and tap into greater intelligence. Plus, you will instantly access nine additional workshops from master teachers, so you can bring more wisdom to your mat and to your life. Sign up today!

People are talking and posting about it everywhere: Meditation works, they say. But you may have some reservations. That's okay, says Alan Finger, founder of ISHTA Yoga, who once counted himself as a skeptic. Here, he shares a no-pressure, take-it-or-leave-it approach to meditation. 

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