5 Tips to Find the Best Yoga Class for You


1. Trial and error. There are so many different kinds of yoga that vary so drastically sometimes it's kind of amazing to me that "yoga" is an umbrella term for it all. So if you're looking for a class, it might help to try lots of different classes that are available in your area first.

2. Take the class twice before you write it off altogether. Maybe the teacher was trying something new the one class you dropped into. Or maybe she was having an off night. Two classes will give you a better idea for what the class will actually be like over the long haul.

3. Look for a class that challenges you physically, but that's not so hard that you won't want to go consistently. Yoga works wonders, but only if you practice it regularly! If motivation is a problem for you, it might help to choose a class that's on the gentle side so you can develop a habit over time, then amp it up when you feel you've established a pattern.

4. Don't be afraid of commitment, but don't get into a rut either. Sometimes, the best way to grow as a yoga student is to be committed to showing up for the same class every week for a long period of time. But part of being a student is also understanding when a class is serving you and when it's time to change things up.

5. There may not be a perfect fit. Depending on where you live, there might not be a class that fits your schedule, fitness level, and other preferences perfectly. But if you settle into a class that fits most of your criteria, you may find that you grow to love the things that made you iffy about the class to begin with. Yoga's like that--it helps you to focus on the positive and appreciate all the imperfections of life.

How did you know your yoga class was the right one for you?