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Accessible Yoga


Teaching yoga should be accessible to anyone called to do it. That's the idea behind a unique teacher training starting on November 16th in Northern California.

Accessible Teacher Training (ATT) is a 400-hour Integral Yoga teacher training certification program that is specifically designed to train people with disabilities who want to become yoga teachers.

The innovative program--available to people who have paralysis, a disability, chronic illness, or physical limitation--is the only one of it's kind that meets national standards.

Integral Yoga instructor Jivana Heyman started Accessible Yoga in 2007 after a student with MS dropped out of his regular training because he fell behind. "It began with the idea that anyone who loves yoga can share it, and that a physical limitation does not limit spiritual growth," he says.

We want to know:

Do you expect perfection from your teachers--or inspiration?

Does a yoga teacher have to be able to do all the poses they teach?

If a yoga teacher gets disabled, or has an injury that limits their practice, should
they hide if from their students or should they share it?

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Nora Isaacs is a Bay Area-based health writer and editor.