Ask a Yoga Teacher


Today, The New York Times City Room blog posted that Bryn Chrisman, a vinyasa flow yoga teacher in New
York City, will be responding to readers' questions "about her path to
yoga, her current job, her practice, kirtan and other matters of

I think anything like this that gives yoga teachers exposure and lets
them explain their story is great. But when I scrolled down to look at the
questions that were asked I was a little surprised to see questions
seeking answers to serious medical questions (how to lower high blood pressure?), spiritual guidance, and how much
meditation practice is required to be "be a good yoga practitioner." (Check the City Room blog again on Wednesday to see her answers to some of these questions.)

I'm sure Ms. Chrisman is very knowledgeable--but surely she doesn't have the answers to all of those questions! Who does!?

It just makes me wonder, why is there such a big misconception out there out there that all yoga teachers are experts in all things medical and spiritual? Do you trust your teacher enough to ask him for medical advice? Where do you draw the line?