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Benefit the Future


New York yogi alert: If you like the idea of helping at-risk city kids get access to the practice, check out the Yoga at School program at the Integral Yoga Institute. 

Yoga teacher Erin Wilson works with the kids at James Baldwin High School, an end-of-the-line transfer school for kids from all over the city--kids who've had it tough or been in trouble but still want a chance at a brighter future. 

"For a lot of these students, violence is a way of life--they've been involved in gangs, they have friends and family in prison, they come from tough economic situations," says Wilson. 

"Yoga empowers them to exercise self-control. It teaches them compassion for themselves and for others. It shows them how to deal with the stress of being a teen and to live a life of peace."

See the concept in action Friday, May 7, at the Integral Yoga Institute (227 W. 13th Street; 212-929-0586). Join Wilson for a special Yoga class at 7:30 p.m., followed by a presentation from the student participants. There will be free vegetarian cuisine, music, and a silent auction to benefit the program. It's a fundraiser--if you want to pay it forward, your donation will be most welcome. (There isn't a suggested minimum, but Wilson says something in the neighborhood of $25 would be helpful.) 

Who knows? Perhaps your participation will lead to a future of perfectly peaceful rides on the D train.