Boot Camp Yoga

Forget plain old hot yoga, some yoga studios are turning to boot camp yoga classes that promise up to double the calorie burn.

Drop and give me 20… Chaturangas?

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Boot camp style fitness class might not seem like a natural complement to yoga, but some studios in New York have combined the two to give students a more complete workout experience, reported the New York Times recently.

The classes integrate cardio, weight training, and abdominal work with vinyasa yoga, and promise to burn up to double the calories than doing yoga alone. Unlike traditional boot camp classes, the yoga element provides flexibility work and some classes offer meditation at the end.

"My yoga students were asking for a workout that would be extra challenging, and I am a big advocate of cross-training," said Loren Basset, who teaches 75-minute boot camp yoga in a 100-degree room at Pure Yoga that includes vinyasa flow and high-intensity cardio intervals and free weight work. "Here you get everything in."

And some people think Bikram is a workout!