The Butterfly Effect


Did you know that the wings of a butterfly flapping in Bali have an effect on the Gulf Coast tornados in North America? This incredible cause-and-effect is the inspiration behind yoga teacher Twee Merrigan's international Butterfly Effect Tour.

After the gulf coast oil spill, Merrigan wanted to raise money and awareness about the cause. With the help of other yogis and activists, she created the Butterfly Effect Tour, traveling around the world teaching dynamic vinyasa flow workshops -- and donating the proceeds to clean up the gulf. The tour, which included stops in Bali, Los Angeles, Nashville, and New York, raised more than $3,000 for the gulf and other charities in just one month.

But Merrigan wants more than just an event that comes and goes. So she's incorporating Butterfly Effect classes into her workshops and events around the world. Here, students have an open forum to talk about ways they can positively change the world, while raising money for local and global charities.

"It's not just a response to a clean up or an earthquake or a tsunami," says Merrigan, who has been living and teaching on the road for the past three years. "But it's on-going awareness and action to continue the yoga in our 'matless' world."

Her next stops include Bali and Sydney. To see the full schedule, or learn more, visit

We want to know: In what small ways do you positively change the world? How does your yoga practice help?