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Cambridge Institutes Yoga Parking Tickets


The city of Cambridge has stretched its views on parking tickets. Last week, city officials began issuing parking tickets illustrated with a series of calming yoga poses. According to an article in The Boston Herald by Laura Crimaldi and Ira Kantor, the city printed 40,000 yoga parking tickets as a part of a public art project by artist-in-residence Daniel Peltz.

The artist says:

"I started this process by wondering what would happen in a world where I received them [parking tickets] with a set of graceful postures: a clean bend at the waist, a gentle lift of the windshield wiper . . . I'm going to get the ticket either way, my only choice really is how I'm going to receive it."

We want to know:

Would an image of a yoga pose make you feel less annoyed at receiving a parking ticket?

What daily hassles would be improved if they included a gentle reminder about yoga's relaxing principles?

Nora Isaacs is a Bay Area-based health writer and editor.