Does Your Cat Do Yoga?


The newest yoga video to go viral isn’t of someone practicing amazing handstands or even a silly spoof that makes fun of yogis—it’s a sweet video that demonstrates how to practice with your feline friends.

Toronto power yoga teacher Rob Moore’s YouTube channel, ShoKo, isn’t about promoting his yoga brand. Instead it’s all about sharing his adorable cats, Shorty and Kodi, with the world. His video, “Yoga and Cats,” which he posted to YouTube last week already has more than 135,000 views, and we keep seeing it pop up in our Facebook feed! (Thanks to YogaDork for sharing it.)

“Cats are natural yogis so I thought it would be fun to incorporate them into a flow, seeing as how chill they are,” Moore says. For the video, he gave each of the poses cat names. We especially love Cuddlecatasana, Crescent Purrior, and Utcatasana.

While he doesn’t always intend to practice yoga with his cats when he unrolls his mat at home, Moore says they join in whether he likes it or not--something every yogi who has cats can relate to.

There are classes that incorporate dogs and yoga, does this mean will Cat Yoga be the next yoga trend? “I don’t think I’d teach a class for people and their cats,” he says. “Judging from the comments on my video, I’d need to have good first aid services available!”

Guess we’ll just have to settle for practicing Cuddcatasana at home.

Watch the video: Yoga with Cats