Corpse Bride

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Photo by David Lauridsen for The New York Times

Did you see the story about Demi Moore in Sunday's New York Times Arts & Leisure section?

It was a stylish, if perfunctory, update on her career. (She's back! She's better than ever! But now she's playing the mother!) But what drew our eye was this aside, in which writer Jennifer Steinhauer explains a fallow period in Moore's career, a time in which the actress disappeared from the Hollywood radar to focus solely on family: "It was not that she retired, as was widely reported, she was just resting, a career Savasana." End of sentence. No long-winded

explanation--or short-winded one, for that matter--was offered.

This surely is a cultural turning point--we have reached such a level of yoga saturation that Savasana has become a common-usage term, in need of no definition, no parenthetical aside, no translation--even in a mass-market newspaper of record. Will the moment be memorialized by Ben Zimmer in an upcoming On Language column? We can only hope so!