A Family Practice


photo by Jeff Minton for The New York Times

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Those who do yoga every day together, stay together. Or at least that’s what the Killick family has learned. According to a recent slice-of-life article by Elizabeth Weil in The New York Times, the Killick family of six lives just outside of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, in a farmhouse they built themselves off a dirt road—and they are passionate about yoga. The family started practicing together only about three years ago, after dad Tyler, who is a plumber, injured his back on the job and was gifted a 10-class pass to a Bikram studio by a client. Tyler and his wife, Glenna, started going regularly and loved it. Soon, their four home-schooled kids—Von, 21; Gil, 17; Sami, 15; and Tobi, 13—got in on the act. Before long, the whole family was practicing together regularly, and quite seriously. A year after they started practicing, the kids even flew to Los Angeles to compete in the International Yoga Asana Championship, and three of them placed in their divisions.

Their basement is now a makeshift yoga room lined with black interlocking mats near a wall of mirrors, and the kids, who say they much prefer yoga to the other activities that local homeschoolers do together (like basketball), spend hours on end perfecting their poses. According to the article, the siblings enjoy the intimacy of doing yoga together as a family. Says the oldest Von: “Everybody is stripped down to the basics. There’s no real hiding.”