Film Explores Why People Do Yoga

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People begin practicing yoga for a lot of reasons, ranging from fitness to stress relief. In Why We Breathe, a new documentary by Jonathan Pears, well-known yoga teachers discuss why they first unrolled a yoga mat.

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"I'm fascinated with why people do the things they do," Pears told Buzz. "I think in a big way it helps us understand people's reactions and responses to things in life."

In an earlier documentary, Why We Jump, Pears interviewed skydivers about what compelled them to do their sport. For this latest project, Pears, a yoga student himself, approached teachers he'd studied with.

The 50-minute film features Dice Iida-Klein, YJ blogger Kathryn Budig, Briohny Smyth, Tiffany Cruikshank, John Yax, Chris Yax, and Angela Tara Hsu. The teachers, experienced practitioners who have all had successful careers teaching yoga, share their stories of what was happening in their lives when they decided to seek out yoga. Their stories, Pears points out, aren't much different than most other people who practice yoga.

"No matter who the teacher is, no matter where they came from or how good they are, they still have their problems and their struggles in life," he said. "These teachers that so many people look up to have themselves been through times of discovery and turmoil."

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