Finding Yoga in LOST Finale


Spoiler alert: This post is for viewers who have already seen the series finale of LOST.

Did you see last night's Lost finale? Help me out
here, fellow yogis. Having struggled (largely in vain) to follow all the abstruse clues and connections throughout the show's six-year history, I was tempted--in the end--to draw a very simple conclusion.

Here it is: The characters on the island were there to burn off their karma and get liberated--not just from the island, but from the wheel of incarnation altogether. Forget good and evil, black smoke and white smoke, polar bears and sharks, the Dharma Initiative and the "others," and all those other distractions. In the end, they were simple window


The real story for these characters was--as it always is--internal. They were waking up, realizing interconnection, and learning that the self is eternal, transcending time and place and circumstance. (That dance we saw between the truth of "none of this matters" and "all of this matters"--pure Tantra.)

By the time they gathered in that chapel at the end--did you get a glimpse of that groovy stained glass window with the Om symbol?--they were beyond the cycle of birth and death. ("There is no 'now' here," Jack's dead father, Christian explained.) They were not just drenched in the white light of the island's heart, but rather completely enlightened.

Do you agree? Have an alternative theory? Share your thoughts: What the heck WAS that all about; sounds like yoga to me, but what do you think?