Follow Your Bliss


Joy is our natural state. When I say this out loud, it makes perfect sense. So what happens along the way? Feeling bogged down by responsibility, unexamined emotions, and a whole list of "shouldas," it's so easy to veer from this natural state.

Writer Karen Talavera tackles the topic of joy in the second of her a two-part series in her blog, The Accidental Seeker.

Talavera's impassioned plea about following our bliss is nothing brand new, but it's a gentle reminder to remember what is so easy to forget from day to day. She talks about what prevents us from joy--and how to recognize joy when it's right in front of our noses.

The next time you're faced with a decision as mundane as whether to go to the grocery store or take a walk in the woods, or as serious as whether to move up a rung on the corporate ladder or start your own business, give it the "internal alignment" test. Forget for a minute your external circumstances like money, image and obligation, and ask yourself one elemental question, which choice leads to joy? Your heart will tell you loud and clear.

A yoga practice helps us tune into our inner voice, and connect with our hearts so that we can feel the joy that already exists in and around us. Ultimately, we can make the choices that support joy, even when life seems overwhelmed with sadness, grief, or pressure.

For today, choose joy.

We want to know:
How does your yoga practice connect you with joy?
What are the small choices you make that bring you joy?