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Forbes Names Top Yoga Cities


Forbes recently released a list of the top 10 yoga cities in the United States. It rated the cities based on how likely city dwellers said they are to practice.

"To determine the top U.S. cities for yoga, we turned to data from the marketing firm GfK MRI, which conducted surveys in 205 markets last year, asking participants whether they practiced yoga, and if so, how frequently and for how long," Forbes said.

It's not a big surprise that the San Francisco Bay Area, home to Yoga Journal and the first airport yoga room, came in first. The surveys found that Bay Area residents are 59 percent more likely to unroll their yoga mats than the general population. Seattle came in next, and Philadelphia was third.

Perhaps the only surprise on the list was Boise, Idaho, which tied for 9th place with San Diego (residents in both cities were 21 percent more likely to practice than the general population). Though Boise might seem like an unlikely yoga city, it made two other Forbes lists recently (Fastest-Growing Cities and Best Places for Business and Careers) and it has a vibrant art scene so "perhaps it's not so surprising after all," wrote Forbes contributor Alice G. Walton, hinting that a progressive workforce might be more likely to practice yoga.

For the full list, visit Did your city make the list? What qualities do you think makes a "top yoga city"?