Free Yoga on Election Day


In an election year, there's a lot of focus on the differences between candidates and the political parties. While pointing out these differences helps voters make important choices about potential leaders, it can also foster an "us versus them" mentality. That's why the yoga studios in the Washington DC, area are coming together on election day to offer a little bit of unity through free yoga classes.

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"It's a high stress time in DC right now," said DC yoga teacher Peg Mulqueen. "If there's any day of the year we need yoga here election day is the day."

More than 40 studios in the greater Washington DC area (including studios in Maryland and Virginia) are participating by opening their doors to make free yoga classes available to the public all day on Nov. 6. The event, which the studios are doing in partnership with Canadian clothing company Lululemon Athletica, is an effort to help people in our nation's capitol forget about politics for a moment and take care of themselves.

A full listing of participating studios is available at Organizers ask that you arrive early to ensure a place at the classes.