Get Your Groove On

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Hey, it's already May! That means
Memorial Day weekend is coming up, and it's time to get out your Birks
and start looking around for some hippy-dippy fun. One good option: the
Lightening in a Bottle Festival at Oak Canyon
Ranch in Irvine, California (just south of L.A., y'all). It's a full-on
music festival--featuring more than 50 acts over the course of four
groove-infused days. But there's also plenty of yoga--workshops on
AcroYoga, Rasa Yoga, Five Elements Buddhist Yoga, and more (including a
workshop called "Yoga in a Bottle: Living Your Creative Destiny").

in movable art installations and a good-karma emphasis on
Earth-friendliness, and there are plenty of good reasons to be here now
(or get there then, as the case may be).