Giants, Madonna Prep for Super Bowl with Yoga

Both the NY Giants and Madonna prepared for their time in the spotlight by practicing yoga.

The Super Bowl is always exciting for football fans—and Sunday night's game was no exception. But it turns out, the most exciting sporting event of the year for football fans also offered a lot of excitement, and maybe inspiration, for yoga enthusiasts, too.

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Before the big game, Gwen Lawrence, the official yoga teacher to the New York Giants, shared the players' favorite poses with Fox News. It's no surprise that players favor poses that help them with the physical challenges necessitated by the positions they play. Yoga also helps players cope with pre-game anxiety, Lawrence said. Of course, it worked out for them in the end as they came away with the big win.

But the Giants weren't the only ones who brought their yoga mats to Indianapolis to prepare for the big day. Madonna, a longtime yoga student and at 53 is still known for her "yoga arms" and body, used yoga to train for her halftime show performance. According to US Magazine, she even had a hydraulic yoga mat installed in her hotel room. We're not exactly sure what that is or how hydraulics would enhance the practice, but we were impressed by Madonna's moves—and we love that she credits her yoga practice!

Does yoga help you perform better? Do you use your practice to prepare for the biggest moments in your life?