Hefner Blasphemes Yoga


Hugh Hefner has done it
again. The controversial and eternally youthful playboy is in the spotlight
once more, this time because of a flashy Playboy video showing a female
playmate doing yoga poses. The Hindu keepers of the yoga flame are livid,
according to a various news reports.

"Hindus are upset over what is the misuse of the age-old and
revered system of yoga by Playboy for mercantile greed. . . "
said Rajan Zed,
president of the Universal Society of Hinduism. "Yoga is one of the six systems
of orthodox Hindu philosophy and it is highly revered in Hinduism. It is a
serious mental and physical discipline by means of which the human soul can
unite with the universal soul."

This is yet another chapter
in the raging debate about who gets to define modern yoga. Not every case is as
extreme as Hugh vs. the Hindus, but the core issues--materialism, commercialism,
and sexism--remain the same.

We want to know:Do you
think Hugh Hefner has crossed the line? Is this latest flap an insult to yogis,
or do you just take it with a grain of salt?