Horse Stance?

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Some people thought it was a stretch that yogis have started including their dogs in some classes. But now animal lovers have even found a way to share the practice with their barn-dwelling four legged friends. That's right! Yoga for horses!

Tucson yogi Gloria Hester uses her expertise in yoga, horses, and Hanna Somatics to help heal injured horses, reports the Tucson Citizen. While the yoga Hester teaches to horses is not the same kind of asana-focused yoga you'd see in a yoga studio, it has helped at least a few horses deal with pain. "If yoga is a practice of
consciousness, (and I believe it is), then in that sense, the horse is
definitely practicing 'yoga' in the truest sense of the word," Hester told The Citizen.

The article doesn't really explain the method and how it works, but it does sound like a neat idea.

Do you think horses are really capable of practicing consciousness? Have you ever tried yoga or alternative healing methods with any of your pets?