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Is There a Yoga Sleuth in Your Class?

The Yoga Sleuth and her team of reporters get the real scoop on yoga classes around NYC.

It can be a big ordeal to try out a new yoga class. First, you have to do your homework: Find out where the studio is and how the class schedule will work with your own schedule. Then, you have to make arrangements—sometimes that means finding childcare or asking a partner or roommate to walk the dog or start dinner. Finally, you have to brave the traffic and the noise, take public transportation or find parking, and get there on time (which we all know means at least 10 minutes early if you want to get a good spot at most yoga studios).

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It's not uncommon to go through the whole ordeal only to be disappointed by a mediocre or just-not-your-style class.

It doesn't have to be this way for New Yorkers thanks to a website that offers honest reviews of yoga classes in the city. The NY Times recently covered "Yoga Sleuth," a columnist for YogaCity NYC, who visits classes anonymously to experience classes and share her views on the teacher. Brette Popper, who is also the publisher of YogaCity NYC, enlists the help of a team of undercover writers to cover more ground.

But you won't find any scathing reviews of yoga teachers on YogaCity NYC—just reviews of classes writers have found worthwhile. "Everyone's practice is different, and for me to say something is not good, when there are other students who find a connection, is not what we do," she told the NY Times.

Other sites mentioned in the article that might be helpful for New Yorkers were Well+Good NYC,FitEngine, and Yoganonymous, a blog that profiles yoga teachers and highlights studios. You can also find information about a wide variety of classes in your area in the Yoga Journal directory.

Where do you go for yoga class reviews?