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The Joke's On Us


April Fools' Day is an opportunity for jokers everywhere to let their senses of humor shine—and the yoga community is no exception. This year we saw lots of jokes about yoga. We loved some, like this email about a new yoga video service for pets, while others left us scratching our heads (Lululeather?).

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Yoga Journal was the butt of at least two April Fools' jokes this year, both of which made changes to our editorial staff.

Waylon Lewis of Elephant Journal tricked readers through a blog post announcing he was closing up shop as the editor of EJ and selling the popular site to Yoga Journal, where he’d join the team as associate online editor and social media consultant. We’d love to have you Waylon, but we would miss EJ!

Meanwhile, Yoga Dork chose to shut down Yoga Journal altogether and re-open it, taking matters into her own hands. (Does that mean we’re fired?) With Roseanne Harvey from It’s All Yoga, Baby running things as Editor in Chief, Yoga Dork taking over as digital director, and Linda from Linda’s Yoga Journey filling in everywhere else, the magazine would be more "lefty and diverse" and also serve as a healthy snack for readers.

“There will be no paper magazines published. Instead people with subscriptions will receive articles printed on gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, soy-free, fat-free, ad-free, highly antioxidant laden, disposable and edible yoga mats every month. Subscribers are highly encouraged to compost them, recycle them and/or eat them as a healthy snack (material TBD).”

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Sounds delicious.