Judge in Encinitas Case Practices Yoga

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The judge presiding over the lawsuit about the controversial yoga program in the Encinitas Union School District shared during a hearing Thursday that he is a yoga student.

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The suit, which was brought against the school district by concerned parents, claims that the district's yoga program is religious in nature and is being used to “indoctrinate” children. The yoga program, which is funded by Jois Yoga Foundation, is an optional part of the curriculum in every school in the district.

During a hearing to set a trial date Thursday, San Diego Superior Court Judge John Meyer said he has been practicing Bikram Yoga for the last month and a half, reported U-T San Diego.

"If you think there's something spiritual about what I do, that's news to me," Meyers said.

Dean Broyles, the attorney representing the parents in the case, said he didn't have a problem with Meyer presiding as long as he could remain open to their argument.

Meyers said he was not familiar with Ashtanga Yoga, which Broyles called one of the more spiritual styles of yoga) and also had never heard of Sun Salutations or Lotus Pose.

The date for the trial was tentatively set for May 20. The hearing also determined that a law firm representing 130 parents, who formed a group called Yoga for Encinitas Students, could intervene and work with the school district's attorney.