Manduka Acquires Yogitoes

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Manduka, a company known for its high-end yoga mats and props, announced last week that it will acquire Yogitoes, a California company that makes popular yoga towels.

The acquisition will give Manduka, which has an annual revenue of over $20 million, the rights to Yogitoes’ patented Skidless technology. Manduka plans to incorporate the technology into the design of future products.

“The Skidless towels people know and love are here to stay,” said Manduka CEO Sky Meltzer. “The Yogitoes name, line, and brand will continue to grow and thrive as part of the Manduka product family, specifically within our towel category.” Manduka will continue to make its current microfiber eQua towel line, which Meltzer says was designed to be more versatile since it can double as a performance towel for other fitness activities.

Yogitoes, based out of Santa Monica, is a natural fit for the Manduka brand, Meltzer said, because both companies are focused on innovation, sustainability, and community. Yogitoes products are made entirely from recycled materials, according to the company website. Manduka was founded by yoga instructor and green architect Peter Sterios, and is committed to eco-friendly practices and sustainability in its products and production processes.

The financial details of the agreement are not public, but Manduka will now have more than 60 full-time employees.